The Consequences of Divorce on Children’s Education

The Consequences of Divorce on Children’s Education

Background to the Study

Divorce, was almost unheard of among couples some 40 – 50 years back, in most parts of Africa, especially in Nigeria. If couples get married then, it was for better or worse, till death keeps them part. Marriage was a worthwhile venture then, especially among the Christians, Muslims, and traditional worshippers. However,




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The term DIVORCE means to separate. Divorce is a legal termination of marriage, cancelling with the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the two parties. This could happen after a husband and wife decide not to live together anymore, and that they are no longer interested in their marriage. It might seem single but it is not easy for husband and wife to decide to end a long time, established relationship. Often spread adequate amongst time trying to resolve problems before deciding to divorce (Liman, 2012).

Divorce rate in the Northern Nigeria is among the highest in West Africa and Kano State in particular. That is why the state government sponsored a mass wedding ceremony for 250 divorces, widows and young married girls (Giginyu, and Garba, 2013).

However, divorce is something regarded in Africa and other societies as a means of gaining ones freedom from terrible or unbearable marriage. (Ijesim, 2005).

The process of divorce is also very complex in Igbo society, just like the process of contracting marriage and this discourage divorce itself. The families of both partners will have to gather many times in the way they had gathered to contract the marriage. They do not gather to dissolve the marriage but to resolve the problems involving their children’s family. No one person or couple can by any means contract marriage and no one can dissolve it. Most times, family members will refuse vehemently to get involved in dissolving a marriage, since this is a view that is acceptable to the ancestors. It is said that even the ancestors had problems in their marriage and since problems are heritable. But if they had prefer to divorce, they wouldn’t have giving birth to us. Since the couple cannot dissolve the marriage without the kindred, most time they get tired by the complexity of the resolution process and end up going to manage their family affairs. They also learn to better family management from more experienced elders in their intention. Divorce is the last but very rare resort in Igbo land, (Ijesim, 2005).

Meanwhile, Yoruba believe that marriage should be a live long journey, but in some case it may not be; therefore, marriage dissolution might be necessary. A man and woman are allowed to separate in order to resolve matters affecting marital relation, but should separation fails, divorce may be a better option left. However, divorce is allowed based on the following conditions. Adultery, stealing, laziness and other abominable conducts, impotence or unknown future terrible, (Adeniyi, 2013).

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On the contrary, and especially among the Hausas, Islam is the way of life. According to the Quran ¨if you divorce your wives divorce them after (the end of their) menstrual circle. Count their waiting period and fear Allah your Lord. Do not divorce them from their homes or let them go away unless they commit a proven immorality such as the bounds set by Allah, he that exceeds the bounds of Allah wrong himself¨. (Al-Talaq 65:1).

Divorce is trice, the honourable keeping allowed to go with Kindness. It is unlawful to take from them anything you have given them, unless both fear  that they will not be able to keep within  the bounds of Allah in which case it shall be no offensive for either of them if she ransom herself, (Al Baqarah 2: 228).

Then; if he divorces her (for the third time) she shall not be lawful to him after that; until she has married again (not for the purpose of remarrying her former husband) another spouse and then if he divorces her it shall be no offense for either of them to return to each other, if they think that they can keep within the bounds of Allah; (Al-Baqarah 2: 229).

However, in Christianity divorce is not encouraged but gives condition that might compel a man to divorce his wife. According to the Bible;, I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness cause her to become an  adulteress and anyone who marries the divorce woman commits adultery (Matthew 5:32).

Meanwhile, the children and young people. Act (2008), define a child as a person who is under 12 years old. Who is unable to take his or her educational responsibilities.  Hence, the study integrated and shed more light on the consequences of divorce on these children’s education, who fall below the ages of 12 years old. And how this problem can be brought under control among the people of Dala Local Government Area of Kano State.

Statement of Research Problem

Divorce is one of the problems facing the family unity, today, people have different views in the consequences of divorce on children but no few analysts opined that, when couple get  divorce the resultant effect on them and their children are most time negative. (Liman, 2012).

Divorce is a growing social problem. It has caused so many discomforts in our contemporary family life. Divorce had made couple to pass through a period of strong emotional trauma. One instructive means of thinking about divorce is to consider divorce not as a single event that influenced peoples live but rather as a process. The conceptualisations of divorce suggest that the manner in which divorce ultimately affects children involves a lot of confluence of factors and process occurring after the divorce (Rodger and Pryor, 1998).

Divorce can devastate children regardless of their ages some claimed that children fail beaten. The reason was that they are more mature and are in the process separating from their parent anyway. The negative effect of parental divorce upon children depends on factors including. The age and sex of the child at the time the amount of conflicts within the family unit and the degree of co-operation between the divorce parents. Each of this factor interact with others, influence the children and the ability of the child to do well in school, (Ozor, 2012).

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In general, children who have recently experienced family dissolution have more difficult time with education and academic performance in school than children from stable family or happy family. Many children of divorce parents experienced intense long terms effects that impacted negatively upon their school performance. Few children carry this long lasting effect into their ability to develop and maintain long lasting social and mutual relationship, (Ozor, 2012).

However, it is a similar situation in Dala, Divorce is a serious social problem that destroys an individual, family and the society as a whole. The trends and the proportions are on the increase, which in most cases take the form of temporary separation, which normally seems like there is hope for reconciliation. But overtime, such marriage tends to break. In most instance the children are left alone to decide who to stay with, either the father or the mother. Hence, their education often times, ended in jeopardy, most children develop the habit of going to school late. This result of other consequences on the educational activities of the children in Dala LGA. Therefore, it has become imperative for researchers to carryout research on consequences of divorce on children’s education.

Research Questions

  1. What are the factors that led to the high rate of divorce in Dala L.G.A.?
  2. What are the consequences of divorce on children’s education in Dala L.G.A.?
  3. What are the benefits of divorce on children in Dala G.A.?
  4. What are the possible solutions to this particular problem of divorce?

Objective of the Study

The high prevalence of divorce and its attendant consequences on the parents as well as the children well-being is a thing of concern to all, as such the researcher tend to carry out this study with the following research objectives.

  1. To find out the factors that led to the high rate of divorce in Dala L.G.A.
  2. To identify the consequences of divorce in children’s education in Dala L.G.A.
  3. To identify the benefits of divorce on children in Dala L.G.A.
  4. To proffer solutions of the problem of divorce in Dala L.G.A.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The study focuses on the consequences of divorce on children’s education in Dala Local Government Area of Kano State. The scope of this research is entirely the surrounding of Dala which the research covered with a  view to better understand the present condition and  consequences of divorce on children’s education and gave a preventive measure to control it in the area. The confinement of the research in Dala is due to high rate of divorce in the area, financial constraint and limited time.

Significance of the Study

This research is very significant in many ways. It aim to bring  out the consequences of divorce on the children’s education. In other words, it is for the benefit of humanity, the recommendations and findings will be handy  to the research and will go a long way in helping the policy maker, community and the society at large, the study will also serve as a guide to the family and the general public on how to handle the problem associated with divorce, it will also help in designing effective strategies, techniques or method towards restructuring the society on how to deal with factors responsible for high rate of divorce and the consequences of divorce on children’s education in Dala.

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Problem Encountered in the Field

In carrying out this research, the problems where encountered. In the cause of administering the questionnaires, the researcher did not find it easy when administering the questionnaires because the researcher had to read and interpret the questions to a large number of respondents who can speak English which prolong the dimension of the administration of the questions in the questionnaire. While on the in-depth, interview, the research was not allowed to record the interview, it was written only.

Operational Definition of Terms

The term operational definitions simply means how you envisaged and want to use a particular or group of words in your own research work. And for the purpose of my research the following words are defined thus;

Divorce: this is the final legal termination of marital union, counselling of legal duties and responsibilities of marriage dissolving the bond of matrimony between parties when marriage is to be divorced it means there is legal backing.

Separation: this is a process whereby spouses decide not to live together due to some of their differences that most of the time can end up being resolved.

Consequences: is an outcome of something which can either be negative or positive.

Children: these are young human being below the age of fully physical development or below the legal age of maturity.

Education: this refers to the acquisition of knowledge and skills required for adapting and exploiting the social and physical environment in the process of development.

It is the process of training and bringing up of young ones and also the old members of the society, both morally, spiritually and intellectually (Otite and Ogionwo, 2006).

The Consequences of Divorce on Children’s Education among the people of Dala Local Government Area of Kano State


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