Impact of ICT in Enhancing Quality Worship in twenty first century

Impact of ( ICT) Information and Communication Technology in Enhancing Quality Worship and Impact Church Development in the Twenty First Century


The last two decades has seen the adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) in contemporary church communications for growth. Contemporary church communications for growth is taking phenomenally great strides. However, adoption levels vary across countries, church groups, church budgets, and with the increasing threat to mass gathering by insurgencies, the rate of adoption will further increase. The purpose of the study was to investigate the information and communication technologies (ICT) resources in use in these churches and the constraints being experienced in the use of these resources. It studies the adoption of ICT in contemporary church communication for growth in Nigeria. It analyzes the perception of church leaders on internet usage for church growth programmes, adoption of electronic mails, telephone and virtual learning environment for communication as well as the deployment of church ICT infrastructure for church worship, administration and human capital management. With the increasing internet bandwidth intensity and teledensity in Nigeria, the paper attempts to identify potential structural shift in church growth and communication strategy. Continue reading Impact of ICT in Enhancing Quality Worship in twenty first century