Accountancy Project Topics and Materials

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Analytical study of profit planning and budgeting

Problem and prospect of public sector financing scheme

A critical evaluation of Nigeria local government accounting and procedures

The need for effective auditing in the public sector

The impact of Accounting standard in preparation of financial statement

The effect of standard costing and variance analysis on manufacturing companys’ in Nigeria.

Accounting ratios as a measure of management efficiency

Relationship between company’s turnover growth rate and shareholders return on investment

The application of standard costing techniques in manufacturing company

Application of computer in auditing firms: an effective tool for audit efficiency

The role of financial institutions in the mobilization of savings and investment

Monetary and fiscal policies as efficient tools for economic stability with specific to central bank of Nigeria

A  contribution of commercial bank toward economy development in nigeria

The role of budget and budgetary control in organisation

Challenges to accountants on human resources accounting to financial statement in business organisations.

The role of an accountant in the poverty  alleviation programmes of federal government

Auditing efficiency as a tool for improving company’s performance

Effects and remedies of accounting  fraud in public enterprises

An appraisal of auditors independence in Nigeria

Causes Of Failure Of Small –Scale Industry In Nigeria

Budgeting In Public Economy Sector

Budgetary Control As A Tool For Effective Management In Tertiary Institution

Proper Accounting And Budget Implementation In Nigeria

Information Technology And Accountants Duties

Bank Fraud Detection, Prevention And Control

The Effectiveness Of Internal Control System And The Impact On The Activities Of Manufacturing Industry

The Nature Of Public Sector Accounting

Impact Of Accounting On Organization Effectiveness

Use Financial Ratios In Management Decision Making