effects of broken homes on students academic performance in senior secondary school

Effects Of Broken Homes On Students Academic Performance In senior Secondary School In Gwagwalada AreaCouncil FCT

Many psychologist such as Fraser (1959) Newton (1970) and Davghas (1968) viewed that, home environment has a great influence on individual’s general development. This can be perfectly elucidated that environment influences every facts of an individual’s development. These facts can be social, academic and




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After payment, text the name of the project, email address and your names to 08064502337 mental. They agreed that environment has a vital part to play in ascertaining the efficiency of an individual’s over all development. This efficiency is then controlled by the availability of nutrients in the environment and home is then the major component of the environment, which forms the “HUB” of the child life interaction at the early stage of development. In view of the above, one can pertinently assert that the home will have an influence on the academic performance of students either positively or negatively.

From all the above views, one can say that, an intact home is that where parents stay together with their children harmoniously with love and care for the welfare of their children, while broken home is a home where parents live together with little or no love and care for the children or stay apart (divorced) without caring for the children harmoniously. Such a situation as the case may be affects the development of the child that emanates from such home environment, particularly, at the early stage in life, hence has an effect on the child’s academic performance. This is in agreement with the concept of attachment in child development. The concept of attachment is a determinate factor in the personality of the child, which gives a child the substantial capacity to perform well in academic work. Here, parental interaction and closeness to the child at the early stages of life has a great influence on the child’s personality and academic work later in life.

Statement of the Problem

The main problem of this study is the effect of broken home of students in secondary school. This is prompted by the abysmal failure of students and poor performance in their academic work especially in English Language in both internal and external examinations such as Common Entrances, Junior WAEC for JSS III students, Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and of course the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. This has drawn the attention of all the stakeholders in education, ranging from the parents, the Academia and indeed the government to find out the causes so as to find possible remedy before things get out of control.

The researcher is here suggesting that, one of the giant factors contributing to the poor performance of students in their academic work is broken homes. As a result of broken homes most of the needed conditions that could facilitate learning are almost absent in these homes e.g. Adequate parental care, food to eat as and when due, loss of companionship and confidence right from the home and just to mention but few. Consequently, these students develop low-self-concept, which seriously affects their performance in school.

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In our society, children are sometimes exposed at an early age to all sort of dangers arising from malnutrition, diseases and various temptation of surviving due to absence of one or both of their parents. Student’s life in broken home is observed to be associated with emotional stress that impair intellectual development, thereby giving way for such children to grow up without being trained properly.

However, absence of one or both parents deprive, young children of the stable love, care security and total support they have been accustomed to and tend to make children different in the eyes of the peer groups. If the children are asked where the missing parent is or why they have a new parent to replace the missing parent, they become embarrassed and ashamed they may also feel guilty and unwanted by the society such stressful situation leads to psychological, emotional and intellectual imbalance in growing children. This subsequently results to quitting from school or poor academic achievement.

Hence, it becomes necessary to investigate the effects of broken homes on the academic performances of students in secondary school with a view to finding solution to the problems for psychological well being of growing children in our society.

  • Purpose of the Study

The main objectives of this research work include the following

  1. To investigate the influence of broken homes on the academic performance of students in Senior Secondary School in Gwagwalada Area Council of FCT Abuja. To find out the causes of home breakage and its influence on students’ academic performance in Senior Secondary School in Gwagwalada Area Council of FCT Abuja.
  2. To find out the influence home brokage on student’s behavior among their peers in their social environment in Gwagwalada Area Council.
  3. Research Questions

The following research questions are formulated to guide this study.

  1. What is the influence of broken homes on the academic performance of students in Senior Secondary School in Gwagwalada Area Council of FCT Abuja?
  2. What are the causes of home breakage and its influence on students’ academic performance in Gwagwalada Area Council of FCT Abuja?
  3. What is the influence home breakage on student’s behavior among their peers in their social environment in Gwagwalada Area Council FCT Abuja?
  • Scope of the Study

The research work is limited to Gwagwalada Area Council. The reason for the choice of this area is informed by the fact that it occupies the centre of the Federal Capital Territory being surrounded by other area councils such as Kwali, Kuje among others. Gwagwalada Area Council is believed to have drawn different people from every state and Local Government Area in Nigeria of different socio-economic background. Although, there are over fifteen (15) Secondary Schools (both public and private) within the area, the researcher has decided to sample out five secondary schools due to time factor and financial involvement.


This study there intends to cover the following schools:

  1. Christ Academy International, Gwagwalada.
  2. Government Day Secondary School, Gwagwalada.
  • Government Secondary School, Dobi, Gwagwalada.
  1. Government Secondary School, Gwagwalada
  2. Schools for the Gifted, Gwagwalada.

1.6     Significance of the Study

The researcher has been motivated into this research work partly by the falling standard of students academic performance, the escalating cases of broken homes in this area (AMAC) due to long separation by the parents not minding the effects on their children’s academic performance and ignorance on the part of parents to understand that early childhood is more critical in training than in later stage. The researcher then hopes to bridge and slim this unfortunate situation in order to create an atmosphere of academic excellence for the children of these unfavorable home backgrounds in order to enhance their learning generally and good performance in English language in particular.

Significantly, this research on influence of broken homes on academic performance of students, is when a lot of persons in this research area (Gwagwalada Area Council) are contemplatingin having a stable marriage relationship, not minding the effects of their attitude on their children and settle down for an enhanced home environment for the benefit of their children that result out of the relationship.

Parents and those who hope to be parent can in great deal benefit from this research work, since there is a lot of truth and wisdom that the very early years of their children’s lives do seem to be particularly important when we should form special bond with them. And no one would argue with the fact that young children need to face the world if they themselves are united and energetic. Primary school children are not only vulnerable; they are also budding with curiosity,, bursting with energy and interest. All these need to be harnessed and helped to develop.

Parents can benefit from this research findings, suggestions and conclusion in order to stir their children’s intellect, since school age children need a great deal of active care and they want it from their parents.

Equally, Guidance and counseling unit in schools can effectively benefit from this research work so that they will know the right placement and counseling options to give to the clients after understanding the genesis of the client’s poor performance in school academic.

Similarly, the school welfare personnel without doubt will find this research work useful, this will give them a guide to advice and let parents know the dangers that await their children, if love, harmony and good home environment is not planned for them.

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The teachers who are the “HUB” of this academic interaction with the students will find this dissertation essential in understanding the causes of certain students’ poor performance, hence will be in a good position to alternate his methods of teaching and also advice students’ parents of such attendant effects during Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meetings.

Also, the government at the various levels can equally find this dissertation valid as it assists them in adopting programmes that will bring unfavorable home background to the students i.e. divorce, long separation and home environment that will extinct students’ chances of effective academic performance. This then is the target of the researcher in bringing out the defects created by broken home and its effects on the academic performance of students, thereby making this work a very significant one for its programme on child education.

1.7     Operational Definition of Terms

Broken Homes: Is simply a family in which the parents have separated or divorced. It can also be defined as a home in which parents staytogether with little or no love and care for the children or stay apart and are unable to work together harmoniously, fuelled by divorce; long separation and the likes.

Academic Performance: this refers to the outcome of education- the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their educational goals. Academic performance is commonly measured by examinations or continuous assessment but there is no generalagreement on how aspects are most important-procedural knowledge such as facts.

Separation: Simply physical parting of the spouses. They no longer share the same dwelling.

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Project topic:Effects Of Broken Homes On Students Academic Performance In senior Secondary School


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