Effecting Promotional Strategies For Operations Of Hair Dressing Saloon In Enugu Metropolis

Effecting Promotional Strategies For Operations Of Hair Dressing Saloon In Enugu Metropolis (A Case Study Of After 8 Saloon)


The study on effective promotional strategies for operations of hair dressing saloon in Enugu Metropolis with particular on After 8 Saloon-New Heaven.The objectives of the study are:-




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To evaluate the promotional strategies adopted by after 8 hair dressing salon in order to determine their profitability.

To determine the impact of public relate adopted by After 8 Saloon in Enugu Metropolis create customers awareness of their services. Based on this four hypothesis were formulated each focusing on the impact of specific promotional strategies.

Extensive literature reviews on textbooks were carried out, the population includes management and relevant staff and informers of after 8 hair dressing saloon.

Data collections were presented, analyzed and interpreted using table, frequencies and percentages while the hypothesis were tested rising chi-square.

Based on the analysis the following findings were made:-

That hair dressing saloon including the case organization is yet to fully appreciate the importance of designing on optional combination of promotional strategy of enhance its performance that public relation impacts positively on customers patronage and bill boards poorly designed and not strategically locate.

In view of above findings the advertising recommendations were made:-

Apart from the use of billboards advertising in radio and newspaper should be used. The advertising message should base on quality of service offered, availability and moderate charge.

Other promotional activities like sales promote, public relation’s, publicity and personal selling should be adequately blended for improve performance.

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The research believed that of the recommendations were judiciously implemented the case organization should be able to service their customers better with profit.

                                                                     CHAPTER ONE


  • Background Of The Study
  •  inform, educate and persuade the market regarding company’s offerings.
  • Personal selling:- Adirika E, Ebue B and Nnolim  (1996p164) define personal selling as the process of canvassing for the sales of a company’s product or services by a sales men.
    • Limitation Of The Study

The research encountered some limitations in carrying out her   study. Some of the limitations are:-

Time:- Enough time was required for collection of data and other relevant facts the researcher as a final year student, I have to use the already limited time partly for the research and partly to read course work for my HND examination, because of this, it has effected the research.

Cost:- Although research work consumes  huge amount of money which cannot be provide easily by student. For this reason the researcher was restricted a lot to the extent she can go.

Security:- inspite of the fact that the researcher explained thoroughly to the management why she came, still the management of after 8 hair dressing saloon Enugu felt so reluctant to release some  information as they fear that such  information in give out might be use criticize the image of the organization.

                                                                   CHAPTER TWO

                                                                Review Of Related Literature

2.1     Definition Of Market Segmentation

          Adirika, etal (1996:80) defined segmentation as the subdividing of a heterogeneous market into homogeneous subjects or groups of customers so that each. Subsets or group of customer can conceivably be selected as separate market to be reach with a district marketing mix.

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In order words, it is the dividing of a market for a generic types of items into group of potential customers, where are inter group similarities.

Kotler (1993:263) explained that market segmentations is the act of dividing a market into district groups of buyers who might require separate product and or marketing mix.

Edoga and Ani (200:18) sees market segmentation as the process of dividing the total market into several relatively homogenous group with similar product interest.

Modern (1991:197) defined segmentation as the analysis of a particular total demand on terms of its constituent part. So that set of buyers can be determined moreover, individual definition depend on the antious conception of this terminology. Mc Carthy (1990:71) explained that market segmentation is evolved from two step process.

  1. naming broad product market and
  2. segmentating these broads product market in order to select target market and develop suitable marketing mix
    • Objective Of Market Segmentation

Market segmentation allows the development of differential marketing strategies. By breaking a market into constituent sub-segments, a company may differentiate its offering between segments.

Tailored Marketing Mix-: Market segmentation allows the group customers based upon similarities (example benefit sought) that are important when designing marketing Strategies. Target selection:- market segmentation provides the basis for the selection of target market. A target market is a chosen segment of a market which a company has decided to serve.

Opportunities and threats:- market segmentation is useful when attempting to sport opportunities and threats, markets are rarely stratic. As customers become more affivent, seek new experience and develop new values new segments emerge.

A marker can use the knowledge of the marketing response differences of the various market segments to guide the allocation of the total marketing budge. It places the marketing in a better position to spot and compare marketing opportunities.

  • Segmentation Criteria
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Mc Carthy and Parevit for (1990:72-73 gave ideally good criteria for segmenting a broad product markets. This criteria are as follows:-

  1. Homogenous
  2. Heterogeneous
  3. Substantial
  4. Operational

Homogenous:- Within the customers on market segment should he as similar as possible with respect to ther likely responses to marketing mix variables and their segmenting dimensions.

Heterogeneous: – Between the customer a different segment should be as  different as possible with respect to their likely responses to marketing variable and their segmenting dimension.

Substantial: – The segment should be big enough to be profitable.

Effecting Promotional Strategies For Operations Of Hair Dressing Saloon In Enugu Metropolis (A Case Study Of After 8 Saloon)


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