Promotional Strategies Adopted In Marketing Of Sunlight Detergents In Enugu Metropolis

Promotional Strategies Adopted In Marketing Of Sunlight Detergents In Enugu Metropolis


Business today face a number of challenges and opportunities, including globalization, the effects of advances in technology, upholding, competition, marketing and as well promoting its products and services. As the primary aim and objective of any business is to maximize sales and make profit can not be actualized or accomplished without knowing and understanding the needs and




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After payment, text the name of the project, email address and your names to 08064502337 wants of its target market and how best and how best to satisfy those needs. Walmark founder Sam Walton once asserted “there is only one boss, the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the CEO on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”. This study seeks various strategies for effective marketing and promotion of a company’s good and services in this competitive market to win and retain customers. In carrying out the study, questionnaires were used as the only source of primary data, and also important materials that elucidated more vital information on promotional strategies for effective marketing of sunlight detergent as the source of secondary data were also used. The questionnaires were administered to sunlight detergent operators, employees and distributor, who are engaged in some form of marketing promotions, in Unilever Brother Nigeria Plc. Their responses were presented using tables while the hypotheses were tested using chi-square statistical method. The major conclusion is that, attention should be paid to promotion and communication so as to encourage exchange in the market place, since without it, few exchanges would be made. This final step involves capturing value in return, in the form of current and future sales, market share, and profit –by- creating superior customers who stay loyal and buy more.

                                                                    CHAPTER ONE

  • Background Of The Study

                        Companies resort to strategies methodology to combat the negative effects of recession and minimize losses by proper employment and management of the marketing mix; product, price, promotion, and place (distribution) most essentially promotional mix; namely; advertising, personally selling, sales promotion, and publicity. This concept plays predominant roles on the overall performance of marketing activities in all firms economy both in short and long run.

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Marketing is all effort by business organization to initiate or develop product conceive an idea or service and ensure its flow from the producer to the final consumers. The fact that, no product can sell itself, necessitates the concept of communication or promotion because an organization needs to promote its ideas, product or service so as to create awareness or attention to the potential consumers of its offering. Promotion gives an obviously immediate return on investments.

In economic theory, the essential aim of promotion is to change the location and shape of the demand curve for a company’s products.

Promotion is an exercise in information communication, persuasion and influence. These are interrelated terms aimed at educating entertaining and information the consumers of product, idea, service and an organizations image or philosophy. Since marketing is accountable for the present practice strategies of marketing, especially in the area of promotion and communication to disseminate necessary information and findings covering their products services threats, new discovery, competition etc.

Though, these activities create customers values and satisfaction, it can be created also for product and service utilization. This requires more resources, greater competence, patience and commitment, which only proper planning can offer.

It is through promotional strategies that winners in a depressed and troubled economy can emerge and remain visible in the market. Also, we should accordingly contain and curtails the pressure to substitute tactic for strategy.

Since a very good product can  never sell itself even if well prices and placed at the customers door step unless it is communicated properly and timely to its audience through economy where many customers are very conscious of product quality and value, price, and auxiliary service

1.1 Statement Of Problem

To plan effective marketing and promotional strategies, the company needs to find out all it can about its competitors. It must constantly compare its marketing strategies, product, prices, channel of distribution and promotion with those of close substitutes. In this way the company can fine areas of potential competitive advantages and disadvantages.

There is also the stiff competition by both locally made and foreign products for the little income of consumers, there are now in extents more than two brands  of product that are  equally goods from which the consumers can choose. The competition is so stiff that even the well prepared organizations lose some market share   volume and growth. Many weak ones or ill prepared ones have gone under.

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Also, the amount of information that confronts consumers in the market place on a daily basis can be formidable, capable of causing information over load, causing confusion and depression on their part.

1.2        Purpose Of The Study

These are some of the objectives this work is expected to achieve.

  • To pinpoint areas of promotion where much emphasis should be placed.
  • To determine the effects of promotional strategies on organizations performance in both the short run and long run.
  • To determine the proper blend of promotional variables to use as an effective and creative promotional and communication tools to survive competition.
  • To highlight the essence and contributions of each elements of the promotional programmes for effective and efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Finally to ascertain the degree of influence promotional activities have on customers purchasing habits.
    • Research Questions

These are some of the relevant research questions of this work.

  • Are there need for promotional activities in an organizations for achieving organizational effectiveness in product marketing?
  • What are the factors to be considered in strategic promotion by an organization?
  • How competitive are the promotional strategies of company in this age of information technology?
  • What are the promotional elements open to the organization strategies maintain positive relationship with their market?
  • Finally, what are the various competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and how will each react to actions the company might take?

1.4        Statement Of Hypothesis

Ho:Promotional strategies does not enhance the total performance of an organization in marketing its product effectively.

Hi:Promotional strategy enhances that total performance of an organization in marketing its product effectively.

Ho:There is no need for considering the competitions involvement in setting promotion activities.

Hi:There is need for considering the competitors involvement in setting promotional activities.

  • Significance Of The Study

First and foremost, the study is prerequisite for the successful completion and Award of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree in Marketing.

Also, the findings of the study would go a long way in shedding Height on the need for a strategies input into promotional programmes or activities in an organization especially in this present modern era or programmes or activities in an organization especially in this present modern era or economic dispensation where competitors is very stiff as well as consumers being bombard with irrelevant information.

It would also serve as a reference point for further study in the future in similar topic.

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1.6        Scope And Limitations Of Study

The study would only examine the effect of proper strategies promotional activities on the marketing performance of some key organizations and consumers reaction towards the promotion of sunlight detergents in the market. It shall be limited to Unilever Brother Nigeria Plc in Enugu.

  • Definition Of Terms

The following term are used in this study as defined below:

  1. Organization: An administrative system or unit  
  2. Strategies: The means to an end or employing factors to achieve a goal.
  3. Marketing: The performance of business activities that directs the flow of goods and services from the producers to consumers in order to satisfy consumers and at the same time accomplish the firm’s objectives.
  4. Promotion: Communication process in marketing that creates awareness and motivates buyers to make an order.
  5. Promotional Mix: Interplay of advertising, sales, promotion, personal selling, and publicity and public relations.
  6. Products: Anything that can be offered to the market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want need.
  7. Services: Any activity or benefits that one party can offer to another that is essential, intangible and does not result in the, ownerships of anything.
  8. Consumers Goods: Products bought by consumers for personal use final consumption.
  9. Brand: A name, term, sign, symbols, design or combination of these identifies the   products or services of one seller or group of one sellers and differentiates them from those of competitors.

Promotional Strategies Adopted In Marketing Of Sunlight Detergents In Enugu Metropolis


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