The Role Of Marketing Planning And Control In The Marketing Of Computer Products

The Role Of Marketing Planning And Control In The Marketing Of Computer Products (A Case Study Of Micro Products Limited Enugu)




Marketing as a course of study is very young compared to other established courses of study, so also is planning and control in business. The aim of any marketing operation (planning and control is to make the future happier, but this fact was not well recognized by most firms, initially the joy that should be




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As times went on there is competition among companies and they have to face to know what their customers want before the market.

This idea bought about companies having well laid down plan before the market goods and services for market need. In executing the plans, the company or marketers in charge how feel that to be successful one must be able to control set down plans.

In planning and control of marketing activities, the reward comes from what is put into the plan and measure up, monitoring (control) rather than from what is eventually produced.

The process of marketing planning and control is to make the future happier. It is mostly concerned will helping management identify marketing problems and alternative ways to solve them and easy decision making marketing planning share with the other activities of the marketing mix, the distinction in commerce of being a dynamic element in operation of business. In the view of Edeoga (2002;20) planning is the process of anticipating the future and determining course of action for achieving organizational objectives planning is deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, when to do it and who to do it, when to do it and who is to do  (Agbo 2000:33). As Billy E. Goetz acted, planning is fundamentally choosing and a planning problem abases only when an alternative course of active is discovered.

Edeoga believes that the planning process creates a blue print that only specifies the means for achieving organizational objectives but provides chokepoints at which performance can be compared with expectations to determine whether current and activities are moving the organization toward its objectives.

The important of planning in any organization including computer services business, need not to be once emphasis.

Adnika believes that the who fails to plan, plans to fail, this include organization, he noted future that no organization can operate profitably merely trying to react to situation development as they occur. It is because of the important of planning and control that the researcher looks at the role of marketing of computer products.


To survive in a dynamic and competitive environment like our marketing organization must understand and practice marketing planning and control. Marketing planning and control help an organization to base its marketing program or marketing effort on the needs and wants of consumers. Marketing planning and control leads to increased profitability survival and growth of the company. in spite of these and many more many company including computer services from plays lip services to marketing planning these have cost a lot of failure of many organization including computer forms. This researcher seeks to find while having company fail to pan their marketing products?


To what extent does lacks of marketing planning lead to fail of many companies these and many more forms. The control task of these research works.


  1. The primary objective of this is to throw more light or examines more deeply on the degree of efficiency in planning and control in computer services form.
  2. To determine if the organization actually adopt effective marketing planning and control.

iii.        To offer solution to the company for the need of effective marketing planning and control.

  1. To determine whether the company uses efficient plan in their operation.
  2. To determine the effective planning on the sale of computer form.
  3. To determine the impact of planning and control of profit or organization.

vii.        To determine the impact of marketing planning on companies satisfaction of its numerous customers.


H1:       Effective planning and control has a negative impact on marketing activities of computer firms.

Ho:       Effective planning and control has a positive impact on the computer firms.

H:       Effective planning and control do not increase the profitability of computer firms.

H2:       Effective planning and control do increase the profitability of the computer firms.

H:       Marketing planning and control does not lead to effective co-ordination of various departments in an organization.

H3:       Marketing planning and control leads to effective co-ordination of various department in an organization.

H:       Marketing planning does not lead to companies satisfaction of their customers.

H4:       Marketing planning lead to companies satisfaction of their customer.


This study is expected to draw the alternation of other researchers in the field of business especially marketers who may be interest in the conduct of more in department research the area of the importance of efficient marketing planning in an organization.

Ideas and information produced have will act as a frame work to direct marketing manager in formulating efficient marketing planning even foreign investors in Nigeria.

It is expected that, will bring out the role of efficient marketing planning and control in increasing sales of a farm product it will help to provide an explanation of those facts that can ensure of the effectiveness of marketing planning this research work will help provide an insight into the operation of marketing planning and computer firms this work is also expected to serve potential markers as  history or reference materials during their own time of leaving.


This research was undertaken to examine the role of marketing planning and control in the marketing of computer products.

However, in the view of limited resources time, and other constraints emphasizes was place on operation within Enugu metropolis.


The major constraints in this research were:

  1. Lacking of sufficient finance due to general economic situation.
  2. Lack of enough time due other academic works.
  3. The validity of this research can be information provided by respond.

1.8        DEFINITION

Marketing: A social and management process by which individual and group obtains what they need and want through creating and exchanging produce and value with other.

Marketing Planning:  A marketing planning is a written document that spells out the goals< strategies and tactic will be used to gain maintain the competition position and result that the company is seeking is situation, analysis marketing objective and goals marketing strategy action programmed and budget.

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Marketing Control: It concerns with establishing and maintaining appropriate procedures for monitoring and measuring the implementation of marketing plans and strategies set out to achieve and taking necessary correction “actions” (Adrika 1996: 260)



Literature review is very important ion research in that it enables us to know what others have said about the topic in question.

In this, we find out the negative and positive aspects of what others have written on the research topic. Our finding in literature review will help to concretive our support with repaid to what we study.

But in reviewing other people literary works. We have to develop a critical mind in judging them.


According to Edoga (2002:9), planning is deciding in the present what to do in the future, it comprises determination of desires mature (i.e objectives and the steps necessary to bring the strategies and tactic noted further that planning  the process whereby companies recoil resources with their objectives and opportunities.

Marking planning involves all corporate planning which ends the marketing of company’s product and services. It may said to be a situation where a company will have a clear cut corporate plan and this simply makes for ward-looking forward-planning anticipatory, competitors.

The following approach should be noted when developing this marketing plan.

  1. Diagnosis: what is our current situation?
  2. Purpose: Where are heading if we take no action to change things?
  3. Objectives: Where should we like to the heading.
  4. Strategy: How can we pet there.
  5. Control: What is the indication to show that we are moving in the right direction in the right way and at the right speeds?
  6. Contingency plans: If we fell to start our shoots key objectives how should the rest of the plan be modified.

Provide as efficiently, effectively and economically as possible what management needs to know. It should facilitate the accomplishment of objectives; prevent failures to reach objectives and correct condition which hamper the fulfillment of objectives.

According to Mario Harper said: To manage a business well is to manage its future and to manage its future is to manage information.

Plan will generate certain tasks that becomes a specific marketing responsibility to be carried out for the purpose of gaining a significant of the market, improve our position in an existing one increase our sales potentials, etc.

According to Levitt the author in his book making imaging the says in setting your companies good always set the standard in them of production volume, profit and expended stock holder equity.

According to Adirika, Ebue, Nnolim (1996: 234) states that an organization most especially a marketing oriented organization is a very competitive economy needs to examine how it can effectively develop plans and strategies for serving its marketing.

No organization can operate profitably by merely trying to react to situation or development as they occur, or as we say by mere putting out of brush fires that is reacting to unexpected events at all times dependent on the frequency of the occurrence.

Talking adhoc initiative will only lease to in consistent and uncoordinated actions resulting in controlled expenditure such as situation.

Information and decision making by marketing executive and it is an essential ingredient for planning and controlling of business operation both at the strategic and functional levels of specific courses of action.

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Also (Kotter 2005:594) defined mis as “a continuing and interacting structure of people, equipment and procedures to gather sort, analyze eventuate and distribute pertinent timely and accurate information for use by marketing decision makers.


The role of marketing in modern marketing activities can be likened to the role of the steering to a vehicle. If all marketing programmes or plans along with subjections are ideal and well harnessed but lack control, it will be likened to driving a well structure, comfortable vehicle without a steering on very busy road. Marketing control is the natural sequence to marketing planning organization and implementation.

Marketing control could be defined as “a process link between the company’s marketing system input comprising goals and targets contained within plans, and the revenant output which are the results of performance or plan implementation and goals attainment. It is concerned with the allocation of total marketing efforts to product, customer groups and sales territories along with the profitability of these operations”.

Kotter and Armstrong (2007) see marketing control as “the process of measuring and evaluation the results of marketing and evaluation the results of marketing strategies and plans, and taking corrective action to assure that marketing objectives are attained. Put simply marketing control is “concerning with establishing and maintaining appropriate procedures and apparatus for monitoring and measuring the implementation of marketing plans and strategies set out to achieve marketing objectives and taking necessary connective action” )Adirika E.O 1996).

As stated earlier marketing control is the natural sequel to marketing planning, organization and implementation. Therefore, the marketing oriented organization’s effectiveness depends not only on how it is structured, but also on how well its personnel are selected, trained, directed, motivate and evaluated.

So, the marketing managers need constructed feedback on their marketing performance manager must meet with their subordinates periodically to review their performance, appraise their strengths, point out their weakness, and suggest ways to improve.

More so, because of the dynamic environment there likely to be many surprises, as marketing plans implemented by the marketing organization. The organization needs feedback and control; procedures to make sure that the marketing objective are being achieved.

Many managers will have to exercise control responsibilities in addition to their analysis, planning, and implementing responsibilities. These are four types of marketing control that can be distinguished.

The Role Of Marketing Planning And Control In The Marketing Of Computer Products.


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