The Marketing Of Community Bank Service In Enugu Metropolis

The Marketing Of Community Bank Service In Enugu Metropolis (A Case Study Of Ogui Community Bank)


Banks are established to make profits, are these profits made at the expense of the customer or is it as a result of the services provided by these banks?

The aim of this research work was to find out if customers are satisfied with the services rendered by Ogui Community Bank, thereby crucial study for the Banking industry.




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In solving the research problem, both primary and secondary data were collected. The instruments used in collecting the data were questionnaires and oral interview. The respondents comprised of the customers and staff of the Bank.

In organizing and presenting data collected, tables, percentages and chart were used. The hypotheses were tested using chi-square.

Data analysis and interpretation gave the following findings:

  • Most of the respondents said that they are satisfied with the quality of services rendered by the bank.
  • Most of the respondents agreed that the charges are moderate and it leads to increase in customers and patronage.
  • Most of the customers said that the distribution activities do not lead to easy availability of its services.

Based on this, the researcher recommends that:

The commercial banks should understand that their old customers are indispensable and to the train their staff to be more customer oriented.

The commercial banks in their attempt to improve the performance of their workers, should encourage and sponsor their workers towards achieving higher education for better skill and knowledge.

The resrearcher strongly believed that if these recommendations are judiously implemented Ogui Community Bank will continue to be one of the leaders in the Banking industry.




          Banks are established for the purpose of offering financial services to their numerous customers and those financial services are mobilizing funds from the surplus units of the economy and channelling or allocating such funds to the deficit units of the economy. Through this financial intermediaries, they provide institutional modernism for optional resources mobilization and allocation in the economy. Banks also facilitate the payments and settlement of financial obligations arising from the exchange of goods and services between parties. The change of goods and services could be within and outside national boundaries.

The establishment of the community banking system in December 1990 was an attempt to resolve the perennial problems of unavailability of credit facilities to the rural producers. In the past nine years, the community banks that are operational in the country show that the economy has a special place for them. The community banks are unique because of their community ownership and special clients. The community banking system has been tested and it has shown resilience as a result of its unique community ownership which does not allow them to die easily even when they are experiencing spill over effects of distressed economy.

The low level education and out-right illiteracy of the rural people have made participation difficult. The rural people have pretended using their old but functional local credit mobilization systems which though informal, serve their purpose. In main parts of Nigeria, the system is known as ‘ago’’or“Isusu” or “bain” and “adashe”. The main characteristics of those local systems are voluntary contributions from members. On daily, weekly or monthly basis such monies collected are given out as loans to needy members according to their rules. Nominal interests are charged on the loan. Where any members defaults, appropriate and mentally accepted sanctions are imposed.

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In spite of rapid modernization of the banking system with many attractive products, the influence of these local credit institutions is high among the grass roots people. The conventional banks continue to regard them as high risk fund borrowers and users. Community banks is not an exemption.

According to Kotler (1997:7) marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and group obtain what they need and want through creating effort and exchanging products of value with others. in the view of Kotler, the key task of the organization is to determine the needs, wants and value of a target market and adanas of the organization to deliver the and desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than its competitors. Today after the better incidence and experience of bank failures, the surviving banks are still racing, a very competitive environment. There is now strong battle amongst banks to win customer patronage. Every bank is facing stiff competition from other banks. Those banks operating in Enugu metropolis including the Ogui Urban Community Bank are faced with competition, it becomes imperative to engage in sustained and appropriate marketing strategy, so banks in Nigeria today appreciate the need for marketing their services because they know they cannot survive without using marketing strategies. Customer satisfaction has become the focus of banking operations. This is evident in the way several banks including Ogui Urban Community Banks have re-engineered their operations, or introduced computers to facilitate their operations to enhance customer satisfaction. It is worth stressing that banking business is mostly centered on customer services. Thus, the emotion of choice of the modern day customer is the standard of service. This is because an exceptional standard of service translates into a bigger customer base, increased income and profitability, increased corporate image, customers loyalty and patronage reduced cost etc.

Besides, it is also to be noted that their increase in the market shares is a function of the equality of services offered by Ogui Urban community banks hence, services provided to customers and interaction with them is of a level that ensures continuous patronage.

It is the task of marketing to yield the firm into generating only those right promotion, serving pricing and distribution that is from the customer point of view and continue to do so at a profit.

Kotler (1990:19) States that firms must market themselves in a way that the customer will not first be satisfied with their product and services and infact delighted. Community banks should internalize the principles of marketing in their operation. Thus, in this research work, research will take a look at the marketing of community banks in Enugu Metropolis.



The main purpose of any business organization including Ogui Urban community bank is to serve its customers effectively and efficiently at a profit to the organization, but the extent to which this is done leaves much to be desired.

The customers of Ogui urban community bank in Enugu State have complained about inefficiency in the service of the bank. Favouritism and man know man (T.M) is the order of the day in this community banks. Customer of Ogui urban community banks have equally complained about long delays in cashing cheques, making withdrawals or other banking transactions. Useful time that could be better spent elsewhere is now spent in the bank. Some complain of tiredness in granting loans and or credits.

Not all the services are provided by the community banks unlike commercial banks. The question of bank distress which is becoming rampant in Nigeria discourage people from banking with community banks. They have made most people especially the rural dwellers keep their money in their houses or participate in (Isuzu). The most worrisome of the activities of these bank is their unfriendly attitude towards their customers.

All these ills have affected the patronage level of the customers because customers are dissatisfied with their services.  The crucial question is how can Ogui urban community bank improve in service delivery through marketing. This is the central task of this research work.


          The objectives of the study refers to the goals intended to be achieved by carrying out research work. These objectives are as follows:

  1. To determine the impact of the quality of services offered by    Ogui Urban Community bank on      customer patronage.
  2. To determine the impact of Ogui-urban community bank on customer patronage.
  3. To determine whether Ogui-urban community bank make their services really available to their customers in Enugu.
  4. To determine the impacts of promotional strategies on customer awareness on the community banks services.
  5. To find out the problems faced by the community banks in marketing their services.
  6. To evaluate the marketing strategies of the community banks in other to determine their profitability.
  7. To make necessary suggestion and recommendations in line with           the findings of the     research.


In order to give focus to the study, the following hypothesis were formulated.

  1. Ho: The quality of services rendered by Ogui Urban   community bank does not lead to increased    customers patronage.

Hi:     The quality of services rendered by Ogui urban    community bank leads to increased customer        patronage.

  1. Ho: The charges of Ogui Urban community banks     do not lead to increased customer patronage.

H2:    The charges of Ogui-urban community banks     leads to       increased customer patronage.

  1. Ho: Distribution activities adopted by Ogui urban      community bank do not lead to easy availability of          its services.

H3:    Distribution activities adopted by Ogui-Urban     community bank leads to easy availability of its   services.

  1. Ho:    Promotional activities adopted by Ogui Urban     community bank do not lead to increase in customer awareness.

H4:    Promotional activities adopted by Ogui Urban     community bank lead to increase in customer          awareness.

  1. Ho: Marketing strategies adopted by Ogui Urban       community bank do not impact positively on the   profit of the banks.

H5:    Marketing strategies adopted by Ogui Urabn       community bank does not impact negatively on the profit of the banks.


The battle to win customers patronage, survival and growth is predicated in the ability to give the expected or required satisfaction to customer. This is why this study is very crucial so that the management of community bank would know where it actually stands in its ability to give quality and satisfactory services to customers and would be able to determine the tactical policies to adopt.

This study will help the other bank in understanding the customer rating of the quality services they receive and whether they are actually satisfied.

It will also enable the banks to evaluate the service behaviour of their personnel who are the ones to implement the marketing strategies.

The customers of community banks will be better served if the recommendations are judiciously implemented.

About all, this study will also be beneficial to both the researcher and the reader as the study will provide an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the area, which stir up further study.


This study concentrates on the marketing of community bank services in Enugu metropolis.

However, in the view of limited time, money and other constraints emphasis was placed on Ogui-Urban Community Bank , Enugu State Branch, Enugu.


A social and management responsibility aimed at identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs and wants through creating and exchanging products of value with  others.

Services: Anything that can be offered for attention, acquisition, use and consumption that might satisfy want.

Price: The amount of money charged for a product or service or the sum of value consumers exchange for the benefit of having the product.

Marketing Mix: This is the set of controllable variable in marketing which a firm uses to pursue its marketing.

The Marketing Of Community Bank Service In Enugu Metropolis (A Case Study Of Ogui Community Bank)


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