Causes of differences between private and public secondary schools economic results

Factors That Cause Differences Between Private And Public Secondary Schools Economics Results In Gwagwalada Council Area.      

Background of the Study 

Economics is the study of the production and consumption of goods and services, import and export, and also the transfer of wealth to produce and obtain other goods and services. Economics explains how people interact within markets to get what they want or accomplish certain goals. Since economics is a driving




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After payment, text the name of the project, email address and your names to 08064502337 force of human interaction, studying it often reveals why people and governments behave in particular ways. Sometimes they wonder why food costs rise and why kerosene prices spike. All of these phenomena are explained in their daily lives and through learning economics in schools as students.

Learning is an active process in which the learner uses sensory input and constructs meaning out of it, and so many students have different methods that suit their learning ability, many adolescent in senior secondary school are becoming more increasingly conscious of the things happening around there environment and the economic policies effecting their daily lives.

Learning is also the construction of knowledge in the perspectives of constructivism, and it is the result of construction. These changes in explanatory metaphors have resulted from, and have allowed for new insights concerning the nature of learning, the methods of  learning  and acquisitions’ of knowledge and skills. The quality of teachers in public and private schools is an essential factor in determining the academic performance of students. The high level of quacks in the educational sector is affecting the output of student in there academics a well trained teacher understands the methodology and scope of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Environment teaching and learning environment most be conclusive as it affects the academic performance of the students. The environment which teaching and learning is to take place most be properly organized for good and effective teaching and learning to take place.

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Teaching and learning materials or better still, instructional resources, is a key factor in determining the academic performance of students in economics, appropriate and adequate instructional resources enhance academic performance of students.

School management been the custodian of the factors of production (Land, Labour and Capital are to leave up to their responsibilities of providing and equal infrastructure, motivation and a level playing ground for the teachers and student in other to enhance the academic performance of students in economics. The researcher is out to compare economics student’s academic performance in private and public schools. This is for the purpose of giving our planners a better picture of what is on ground and what to do in the future in other to balance performance of both private and secondary schools. It is true that many parents are indicating public secondary schools for poor academic performance compare to private schools. As result, many parents are withdrawing their children from public schools for the private ones.

 Statement of the Problem

It is obvious that academic performance of economics students in private and public secondary schools is never the same. It has been observed that most students that reseat WAEC or NECO are mostly from the public schools. This makes the private secondary to be highly appreciated by most parents in FCT who send their wards to such schools.

Students from private schools have high esteem, the students from public secondary school sometimes feel inferior in the sight of those students from private schools. As a result, the private secondary schools tend to be of high cost to attend than that of public secondary schools. This makes it appear as if private is school for the rich. Certainly not, it is school for all owned and manage by private individual, but because they know the secret of bringing out “the real man”, the strategies and techniques to apply mostly in making teaching and learning of economics an interesting and Impartment subject. As the pidgin language put it, “good soup na monei make am” in other words, to acquire a good and quality knowledge, it is what you have in your pocket that will determine which of the schools to attend.


Hence, this research aims at looking into the economic students’ academic performance in private and public secondary schools and find out difference and measures to make it adequate.

 Purpose of the Study

          The objective of this study includes;

  1. To compare the SSCE results of economics students of private and public schools in Gwagwalada area council.
  2. To find out the factors that cause differences between private and public secondary schools economics results in Gwagwalada council area.
  • To suggest ways of bridging the gap in economics in both private and public secondary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council

 Research Questions

  1. What is the academic performance of Public and Private Secondary Schools in economics in SSCE in Gwagwalada Area Council?
  2. What are the factors responsible for the difference (if any) between public Pand private Schools in economics in Gwagwalada Area Council.
  • How can the differences be bridged between the academic performance of economics students in public and private secondary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council?

 Significance of the Study

This study is of paramount importance because it will help to give more information on public sectors contribution to the development of education. The researcher is optimistic that this project will meet the needs of economics students, and other educational researchers. It will bring to the knowledge of the school planners, differences in academic performance among economics students in public secondary schools and same possible reasons.

This study will also help curriculum experts, teachers, parents, and government to develop and adopt strategies that will be geared towards solving the problems that affect the performance of students in economics in schools.

 Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The study focuses on secondary schools in Gwagwalada Area council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. The scope is restricted to the comparison of performance of SSIII students in economics between public and private secondary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council. The study will therefore be limited to secondary schools in Gwagwalada for the purpose of time and money as well.

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 Operational Definition of Terms

To have better understanding of this study, the researcher sees sit necessary to define some key terms as they are used in the research study.

Economics: Is a Social Science which studies human behaviour or man activities in relation to production, exchange, distribution and consumption of goods and services (Anyanwuoch 2001). According to Oxford Advanced Dictionary, economics is defined as “the study of how a society organizes its money, its trade and industry”.

Performance: As Oxford Dictionary put it is how well or badly something works. It can also be how well and how badly you do something.
Education: Is a process of teaching, training and learning, especially in school’s or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills (Oxford Dictionary).

Technology: Is a scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry.


W.A.E.C: West African Examination Council

NE.CO: National Examination Council

S.SC.E: Senior School Certificate Examination

Factors That Cause Differences Between Private And Public Secondary Schools Economics Results In Gwagwalada Council Area.


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