Conflict Management and Organizational Performance

Conflict Management and Organizational Performance in Manufacturing Industry. A Study of Nigeria Bottling Company, Onitsha


Conflict – Every organization is made up of individuals and within the organization are groups namely interest groups, work, economic and social groups. The objective of the study is to explore the sources of industrial conflicts in the Nigerian Bottling Company Onitsha. Some research hypotheses were




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The following are the major finding of the researcher. The organization has a procedure in which it follows in the settlement of industrial conflicts. Industrial conflict in 2000 disrupted production activities in the Nigerian Bottling Company Onitsha. Following the finding, the researcher concludes that a laid clown procedure exits in NBC Onitsha and this helps the workers to channel their grievances to the appropriate authorities. The researcher therefore recommends that management should at all times be sensitive to workers grievances in order to avert any industrial conflict.




Manufacturing and marketing are the factors of business where harmony should be sustained in order to run successful business operations. However, these two functions have adverse and most of the time conflicting priorities that have to be dealt by management. This problem has received more important today compared to the past due to the many relatively new concepts in business literature such as total quality management (TQM), and business process reengineering (TQM), which focus on internal and external customer satisfaction, therefore on integrative decision making.

The potential conflict between manufacturing and marketing exists especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment. However, managing the Manufacturing/marketing interface is crucial since the two functions assist and reinforce each other. Both functions should have appropriate and shared understanding of the firms’ competitive strategy to enable communication and cooperation with each other for instance, manufacturing department needs to understand making with respect to opportunity costs arising from some manufacturing choices by the same token, marketing should understand the limits and capability of manufacturing towards marketing’s requirements.

Conflict management: It is a long term management of intractable conflict. It is the variety of ways by which people handle grievances. Conflict management is often considered to be distinct from conflict resolution. In order for actual conflict to occur, there should be an expression of exclusives patterns and ball why the conflicts were expressed the way it was.

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Every organization is made up of individuals and within the organization groups namely: interest groups, economic and social groups. These individuals or group differ in views, motive, needs and interest, when clash conflict arises.

Industrial conflict is often assumed to be unwanted and undesirable situation that is to be avoided at all cost. Conflict can head to rigidity in the system in which it operates, can distort reality and can weaken the participants in the conflict situation.

Therefore, many organizations like the Nigerian bottling company can approach the management of conflict based on the following assumptions:

  1. conflict is avoidable
  2. conflict is the result of personality problem within the organizations
  3. conflict creates of polarization of perception, sentiments and behaviour within the organizations
  4. Conflict produces inappropriate reactions by the persons involved.

The nature of conflict and their inevitability in an organizations have made it apparent that the impact must be felt either favorably (functional) or adversely (dysfunctional). There are many potential sources of conflict. Today, managements or an organization are characterized by complex relationship and a high degree of independence of tasks that can cause conflict in every management or organizations.

So there has been the need to create awareness of the emergency of conflict and its resolution hence management of conflict in Nigerian bottling company, Onitsha.

Industrial conflict I any difference between employers and employees or between employers and workmen, or workmen and workmen who is connected with employment or none-employment or with the condition of labour of any person. In organizations relations about job value regulation that produces disagreement and conflict, hence an industrial dispute can arise in any organizations.

Organizations are goal directed systems, composed of interdependent goal seeking subsystem; hence there lies the unavoidability of conflicts in them. The main aim of an organization is to attain to its objectives and any obstacles to the attainment are worth resolving. The fact is more outstanding when mutually exclusively goal exist and each seeks maximum attainment. It is these manifestations of resentment, disagreement, and struggle competition between interdependent groups over scarce resources that the researcher wishes to highlight.

In essence, the management of the Nigerian Bottling company should be able to manage its human resource effectively by motivating them.

Motivation is a managerial role of getting the employers to achieve the organizational goal; it is a skill of aligning of fair integrating employee wants simultaneously with the attainment of organizational objectives

Though the impact of many motivational forces upon the employees depends mainly on two facts: firstly the anticipated valence or value of the perceived outcome of the prescribed behavior and secondly, the strength of the expectancy that the behavior will result in a realization of the outcome. (V.H.Vroom, 1964).

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Furthermore, collective bargaining I a pillar of industrial dispute resolution and effective management. The way it is handled detects the peace of industrial dispute, peace and organizational effectiveness.

Collective bargaining which embodies the concept above have been in various vital outers an effective means of establishing the employer employee relationship and the labour relations Act indicates that is an unfair practice for the employer to bargain collectively with chosen representative of certified organizations hence the employer is not free to make and enforce any unilateral decision where bargaining required to avert industrial dispute.

To this extent, an employee who comes into an organization has lots of wants. Indeed in desire to achieve through the organizations, so to avert industrial conflict and manage it as well, the management of Nigeria Bottling Company, Onitsha should not see the employee as slaves of course; there are certain behaviors or roles which the organization desires to elicit from the employee, thus the need to strike a balance.


Organizational conflict is one of the most serious problems facing Nigerian Industries and business organizations daily. The problems which this project seeks to address are:

  1. Non-payment of salary which agitate workers or employees to go on strike.
  2. Workers who agitate for higher wages also contribute.
  3. From management, interdepartmental; struggle conflict arising out of structural arrangement of the organization and many others
  4. The problem of this work is therefore the poor performance of organizations as a result of ineffective management of conflicts in such organizations.


This study has an objective of achievement the following:

  1. To explore empirically, the sources of industrial dispute or conflict in the organization Bottling company, Onitsha.
  2. To determine the effects and implication of industrial dispute to Nigeria Bottling company
  3. To evaluate formal management conflict procedure settlement in the organization.
  4. To determine better-ways of handling conflict in Nigeria Bottling company, Onitsha.


The following research questions will help guide the course of this work:

  1. What are the sources of industrial dispute in the organization?
  2. What are the implications of industrial dispute to the company?
  3. How effective has the management conflict settlement procedure been?
  4. What are the better ways of handling conflict in the Company?


Industrial conflict if not managed effectively has a devastating effect on the economy, the management and the workers as well.

To this end, this study is on the view that the outcome of this work will help to find out the inadequacies of existing industrial conflict resolution/management methods in Nigeria Bottling Company, Onitsha.

Further, employers should adopt a leadership model and pattern that will bring in participative management in the organization to represent the interest of the employers; this in turn will boost the morale of the workers. Since they are being recognized or consented and consulted on matters affecting them and the entire organization. Therefore, considering the economic reasons of the employee, if the suggestions are implemented, it will go a long way in resolving industrial conflict which will help create healthy working conditions in the organization with increased job satisfaction and productivity. This in turn will help the mangers to identify the challenges and the need to resolves or build on it to achieve a target goal.


The workers groups’ individual, will help appreciate the need to work together in harmony.


This work studies conflict management in manufacturing industry which arises out of interdependence relationship in organization with Nigeria Bottling Company, Onitsha. The source/cause, effects implication of conflict and how to resolve them are to be looked into.


The following research hypothesis is used to develop questionnaire through which data on the management of conflict in the Nigeria Bottling company, would be collected.

Ho: Industrial dispute has no significant effect on the do not disrupt production activities in Nigeria Bottling Company Onitsha.

Hi: Industrial dispute disrupt production activities in Nigeria Bottling Company Onitsha.


Conflict: a conflict can be defined as an ongoing state of hostility between two or more people or group.

Conflict management: it is defined as the short or long-term management process used to resolved issues where either party is being stubborn inflexible, difficult or whatever.

Management: It involves effective utilization of resources to achieve the objectives of any group.

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Conflict Management and Organizational Performance in Manufacturing Industry. A Study of Nigeria Bottling Company, Onitsha


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